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Clearing Confusion, One Text at a Time

Rebuilding User Confidence with Individualized Responses





Virginia Credit Repair


UX writer & Content designer

• Conversation Design
• Process Improvement
• Information Architecture
• Cognitive Load Reduction

Problem Statement

Defining the problem

Confused users expressed concerns about an automated text message that was sent to everyone. In response, multiple replies had to be sent individually to address the mishap, which resulted in a reduction in user confidence.

Virginia Credit Repair is committed to putting its customers first before profits. They have made it their mission to help underserved communities. Making the topic of finance more relatable should be reflected in the language by using more of a conversational tone to build trust. When dealing with a delicate topic such as finances, users want to know that they can trust a company with their information.

Currently, there is low traffic on the main website, by combining the usage of automated text messages to build user trust will increase the conversation to then move users over to the website for any additional questions or information they may need. 


Ideally before an increase of onboarded new customers


This was a solo passion project in communication with the owner


Eliminate user confusion and reduce cognitive load


The bigger picture


Creating user-friendly copy which allows users to complete tasks seamlessly and find answers to their questions ahead of time will reduce user confusion and increase user confidence and engagement on the website.


Many credit repair service websites use jargon or formal copy which lacks a personal touch. Making it increasingly important to find ways to mindfully balance a combination of informative, inviting, and friendly copy.


However, users are finding it difficult to find answers to questions when visiting the website or social media platforms which results in repeat questions needing to be addressed by the owner.


Standing out from competitors in the area would be beneficial when it comes to having a more personal approach to copy and overall marketing. Additionally, using the right copy to inform users of the available products and services that the company provides will decrease any room for error that would create a negative user experience.


reduce user confusion due to poorly written copy


convince skeptics that user engagement will increase 


increase website traffic to build customer confidence


Understanding the market & users

Analyzing audience choice of language 

  • Conversational Style: Friendly and personal


The missed opportunity to include a frequently asked questions section on the website leaves users confused about the next steps to take.  


Unclear messaging during chatbot conversations heightened concerns, confusion, and created a state of false urgency.

User Goals

Increase interest in healthy finances.

Find answers to questions quickly and complete tasks with confidence.


Resolve questionable items related to collections, late payments, inquiries, foreclosures, judgments, charge-offs, and inquiries. Customizable and comprehensive solutions that allow clients to repair their credit easily and effectively.

Family with Tablet

Key takeaways

Target Audience 

Home buyers


Underrepresented groups

Marginalized groups

"The way Aaron took the time to hear my concerns, my goals, and explain in detail how the credit repair services he offered would help was so meaningful!"




The owner Aaron already provides a personal approach to communication with clients to help reassure them so this approach and language should be applied to the copy throughout all communications from the company. Copy that encourages a response to visit the website.



Key Elements

  • Finding the logical question and answer needs within the user journey.

  • Crafting the narrative first.

  • Provide customer service: direct customer questions to the website.

  • Chatbot is accessible to non-developers and small businesses.

Information Architecture

* "Reply STOP to opt out" is mandatory for all automated SMS considered as marketing messages.

Due to the laws and regulations of most countries, you need to provide a way for users to unsubscribe from SMSs in the future. Other phrases, like QUIT, UNSUBSCRIBE, and CANCEL may also be accepted.

Mini Style Guide

Remember the goal

What is the purpose it serves for user experience?



Be clear on the context

Imagine writing for a specific person. This is where personas can come into play: who are you talking to and more importantly, how do they want to talk to you?


Stay consistent

Stay focused on your message, stick to your brand. Remain consistent in your speaking style, vocabulary, and tone of voice.


Be concise

Much like any content these days, users don’t like to read long blocks of text and every additional line you add has the potential to tank engagement.

Tip: Mimic a real conversation by breaking up messages into several responses.



Finish strong

Add a personal touch. A simple “thank you” or wishing them well, will only add to their positive experience.


Breaking down the process



Key Moments

Mindful design consists of making a good first impression. Let's make it easy for users to get information or engage with the company as naturally as possible. This empowers users to reach their goals as quickly as possible.

Below are some of the moments I feel would be important based on my research.

First impressions matter,

no matter what business you’re in.

The user journey will impact the value they assign to your brand and business.




Designed mockups, rewrote copy, and prototyped screens illustrating the concept of a mobile chatbot and corrected elements on the company website.


  • Reduced user confusion, redundancy, and reduced cognitive load during website and chatbot experience to help increase website engagement by rewriting copy.

  • Increased engagement on the company website by optimizing usage of proper copy during the initial user journey.

  • Shaped the role of content in the design process by sharpening the company website style guide.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead - if the use of chatbots is considered to continue on a larger scale, it would benefit in other larger areas in the user journey.


Research has shown that organizations had up to 70% fewer calls, chats, and mail after automating customer service.

Qualify leads. Drive sales.

Building chatbots will set organizations up for success in the future as developing easy-to-use machine learning and better natural language processing becomes more accessible.

  • Help you get to know your customers

  • Customer service at any time

  • Help optimize costs

  • Improve customer satisfaction



Let's create something amazing together.

I love meeting new people, especially other designers and am always open to new opportunities. Let's chat and grab a virtual coffee, preferably tea! ☕️

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